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Advanced Warning: Find Something To Do Sat 7:30pm!

The BBC are about to waste an UTTER FORTUNE of YOUR MONEY on the biggest LOAD OF CRAP you have seen for some time!! Gobby Logan is in ‘charge’ of this 60 minutes of UTTER CRAP! All the 3rd rate … Continue reading

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We Can Tell The Townies Have Come To Dorset

Reckon we are about mid-season of when the grockles come along and clog all of our roads. That’s not so bad but why oh why do the numpties feel the need to follow us in their car within touching distance of our number plate? … Continue reading

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Councils Raked In £1.4b In Revenue From Tickets, Permits & Penalties

Poor shop owners in the High Street are then wondering why shoppers have no money to spend! They’ve spent it all on PARKING!! Mary Portas really is just wasting her time – they are all against her! Councils have managed … Continue reading

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Thatcher Vetoed Moving Hague To The Treasury: A “Gimmick” & An “Embarrassment”

Seems the 21 year old, precocious, William Vague didn’t impress Thatcher quite as much as we were led to believe. Seems even she considered such a move might just jar with those people who actually had some financial experience. LINK Seems she … Continue reading

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