We Can Tell The Townies Have Come To Dorset

Reckon we are about mid-season of when the grockles come along and clog all of our roads. That’s not so bad but why oh why do the numpties feel the need to follow us in their car within touching distance of our number plate?

Most people who get that close to us have usually bought us dinner.

The grockles all seem to feel the need to tailgate as close as they possibly can and we are not talking about Transits vans, it’s the bloody lot of them. They also seem to think that Dorset roads are suitable for undertaking – particularly at a roundabout and especially if the road markings clearly indicate which lane goes to which destination. Unbelievable!

Remember when the TV used to run the “Two Second Rule” adverts? Look at the car in front and start counting as they pass a fixed point- “one-and-two-and” at which point you reach the same fixed point. So simple: TOO SIMPLE for grockles!

So grockles, enjoy your two weeks of being a pain in the arse on our roads and then bugger off! LINKTailga2ting

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