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What’s This? Cameron With ANOTHER Lobbyist??

Do we know for sure who is paying these people? Although we should say BLOKES because that is ALL Off-Shore Cameron employs. So now along with Lynton Crosby he has added Jim Messina. You are correct in thinking: “Who He??” Some … Continue reading

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President Robert Mugabe ‘Wins’ Latest Election

The kind Mr Mugabe told us here at The Field, “How can I complain when I receive 8.7 million votes from a registered population of 6.4” “All I can say is that the people love me and they tell me so…..because … Continue reading

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The Killers Of Poor Daniel Pelka Are Jailed For Life

Many would say Magdelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek got off lightly. Such a level of cruelty is very, very difficult to comprehend. How can it be that nobody saw anything, nobody said anything and nobody thought to check on anything concerning the poor boy? … Continue reading

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