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The NEW Dr Who On BBC

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Could The BBC Get Any Further Up Its Own Arse?

You may have missed this bit of riveting news, some bloody chance, but a cast member from a kids show is being replaced. A sort of CBBC exclusive. Every bloody news item, every bloody live programme and even its own bloody show … Continue reading

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So Those Most Likely To Be Able To Afford It Are Being Given Even More?

So if both adults are working then they’ll get a tax break. So what about a single parent who is working? Is this yet another ‘back of a fag packet’ Tory idea?

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Cuadrilla Announce Test Drilling In And Around Chipping Norton

Cuadrilla intend to start their test drilling a week Monday and fully expect to find gas and oil at the Chipping Norton site. The first stage of the process will be to drill a 3,000ft well in search of the oil … Continue reading

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