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More Tosh From The BBC ‘Entertainment’ Department

As if the ‘I Love My BBC Contract’ with Gobby Logan isn’t juvenile enough the BBC has now made that early evening slot ever more soul destroying. Now it is not that the BBC is devoid of any new ideas … Continue reading

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Lord de Mauley: Probably The Smuggest Tory Git In The World

This pompous arse, Rupert Ponsonby, who also went to Eton, is telling all of us plebs to shut up and “make do and mend”. LINK Ponsonby! Never was a bloke more accurately named. Rupert ‘The Bear’ Ponsonby. The worry is he seems to have … Continue reading

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Just How Good Are Those Supermarket Petrol Deals?

Well they are pretty crap to be honest. Let’s look at a generic sort of deal that covers the principle they all go by. The first up is the ‘5p off a litre’ deals. These sound a good shout but … Continue reading

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