More Tosh From The BBC ‘Entertainment’ Department

As if the ‘I Love My BBC Contract’ with Gobby Logan isn’t juvenile enough the BBC has now made that early evening slot ever more soul destroying. Now it is not that the BBC is devoid of any new ideas but they have decided to bring back The Muppets!

To add a novel twisted the BBC have decided to include a couple of their 3rd-rate ‘talent’ to add a human dimension. Wait a minute – the Muppets ALWAYS had humans in it!

Can it get any worse at the BBC?

Well, yes, actually it can. Get ready to go back to school. You need to remember though that this is the warped idea of schools that a lot of Oxbridge executives have and not what happens in the real world. This is ‘Big School’ which actually looks like a ‘Big Load Of Crap’. You can check for yourself with a link at the bottom.

Worst of all, this clap-trap is from David Walliams who has a sister who is a teacher as is his mother. Check the five clips on YouTube and remember that these are there to excite you enough to watch the whole thing.

That Curly Hair Is Just Hilarious!!!

That Curly Hair Is Just Hilarious!!!

Funny how the BBC never put on one of these ‘comedies’ set in a Posh-Boy Public School. That will not happen because all the Tories want to do is knock state schools and the BBC are happy to oblige.

Check-out the five clips of ‘Big Load Of Crap School’ that can be found here: LINK

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