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Ashes Safe In Cooks Hands

You Can Leave THAT Alone Now Michael Clarke! Aussie Link

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Chris Bryant Shocked By The Reaction Of His Local Tesco

Chris told us, “They simply refused to accept my discount vouchers on my loyalty card. A card, I hasten to add, that I have held for over SIX years!” A Tesco spokesman was available to tell us, “We have no comment at this … Continue reading

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£77m To Be Spent By Cameron On Cycling In England Cities

Doesn’t that sound great? Few people would begrudge Cameron spending that much money to benefit us poor plebs in these days of austerity. Well we would but you had guessed that already. So why are we such a miserable bunch when … Continue reading

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Cameron Welcomes Fracking All Across Witney

Off-Shore Cameron has put his full weight behind exploratory drilling by Cuadrilla all around Witney. There are vast reserves of gas and oil in and around the Witney area and once the drilling confirms their position the fracking will begin. … Continue reading

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