Cameron Welcomes Fracking All Across Witney

Off-Shore Cameron has put his full weight behind exploratory drilling by Cuadrilla all around Witney. There are vast reserves of gas and oil in and around the Witney area and once the drilling confirms their position the fracking will begin.


Off-Shore told us here at The Field, “I am confident that the good people of Witney will embrace this new technology and within 6 months they will see the advantage of being fracked.

“I have no problem whatsoever in fracking every one of my constituents. They know I have their best interests at heart and after all, we are all in this together.”

As he left our office Off-Shore was kind enough to present us with a map showing the site of the exploratory drilling rigs around Witney.

Witney Well And Truly Fracked

Witney – Well And Truly Fracked

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