Theresa May and The Miranda Affair

Parts Of This ‘May’ Be True…….

Overheard in the bar of a pub on the road between the two houses owned by Theresa May (Grammar School and Oxford) that have been valued at an estimated £1.6 million.

“I am appalled that the electorate would want to know what is being done in secret by the elected representatives of the people. What sort of democracy is that?

“So what if we want to monitor everything they do or say? After all, we are the Elite! It’s our right.

“They’ll be asking for the notes of cabinet meetings next – don’t they know who we are?”

After another large slug of gin she went on, “I’m more annoyed that they have disturbed me during my short 8 week holiday. Don’t they have crap like the Great British Bake Off to keep them amused without worry about the boyfriend of a Guardian reporter?”

We can’t be the only ones who have spotted some key elements to this story?

The Press, Whistleblowers, Foreigners, Border Control, Homophobia, Internet, Freedom of the Press, Computing and a case of ‘We’ll Show ‘Em’ – it’s ALL there! It’s a Nasty Party teenagers-dream!

Edward Snowden Files

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