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Cameron Declares “I Am Not An Obama Lap Dog!”

“Mr President, who would you like the UK to detain without trial?”

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Obama: He Promised So Much….

But Has Delivered So Little Detention without trial continues over at Guantanamo Bay. If an oil rich nation in the Middle East carried on like this then America would be demanding ‘Regime Change’. For daring to expose the truth in … Continue reading

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For All Those Fans Who May Have Missed Sue Perkins

Poor old Sue Perkins (Private school and Cambridge) has been totally ignored by the BBC in recent weeks so it is a real delight to see that she is back on the good old Beeb! She presents a completely out-of-character … Continue reading

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The Miranda Affair Goes Deeper To No.10

Nick Clegg’s spokesman gives the first official confirmation that cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood made the request to destroy NSA files on the instructions of David Cameron. That’s the Nick Clegg (Private school and Cambridge) that some of you may remember, Jeremy ‘I Need … Continue reading

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