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“Sam? Have I Had Too Many Pasties On This Holiday?”

You decide!

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Could Our World Leaders Be After The Homo-Erotic Vote?

Difficult to tell when you look at these two!

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Cameon Reveals A Little Holiday Surprise For Sam!!

“Ooh Off-Shore! You are soooooo hunky!!!” Bet MiliBland isn’t HUNKY enough to have a TAT!

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Cameron Accused: “You Big Fat Git” Shocker!

It’s Posh-Tory-AirMile-Dough-Boy! FREE WILLY!!! – PUSH HIM BACK – PUSH HIM BACK

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Chelsea! Well There’s A Turn-Up For The Books

Be honest – who saw THAT one coming??

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GCSE Results: Media Gets Into It’s Usual Frenzy Over Nothing

The buzzword this year seems to be: Early Entry Now here is a shocker! There is a bloke in the office who took some ‘O’ Levels, yes he is that old, at the end of the 4th Year! That’s the end of … Continue reading

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