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“And The Time Is” Is Costing The Taxpayer £40,000

We just couldn’t make stuff like this up! £40,000 for the MOD to find out what the ####ing time is!!! This is despite a ban on staff calling it. Has nobody got a ####ing watch??? So there must have been … Continue reading

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The Celebrity Big Brother Campaign At The Field

Please join us is our campaign against Celebrity Big Brother. We are going to watch the first few programmes but WITH THE MUTE ON! We are going to make a note of ALL THE ADVERTS THAT APPEAR in the ad breaks. … Continue reading

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Edd Milibland Hits Back At His Critics – But What’s ‘The Message’ Edd?

Speaking to party activists in Edinburgh he insisted he had a “clear vision for the future of this country”. (Did he realise he was in Scotland?) “The 2015 election will be fought on who can turn things around for hard-working … Continue reading

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David Cameron Is Working Hard To Attract A New Tory Party Donor

Certainly looks like Off-Shore is keen on them!

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“I’ll Tell You Sam, Those Pasties Are Going To Come Back Later Tonight!”

Looks like Off-Shore would agree that you can’t beat a good Tiddy Oggy.

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Cam And Sam Enjoy A Quiet Moment On Their THIRD Holiday

“…And If You Look Just To The Left Sam, You Can See Where They Manage Our Off-Shore Fund” (allegedly)

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