Now ‘The Ashes’ Is Over We Have An Observation To Present

Now it could be about DRS and Hawkeye. It could be about Snicko and the debate about to ‘walk or not to walk’. It could even be about the absurd Laws relating to Bad Light when the ground is illuminated by floodlights!

But it is none of these.

Cricket is not played in every country of the world but it is played all around the world. The fanaticism for cricket in India almost lifts the game to a religion over there. Pakistan at one time had the two greatest swing bowlers on the pitch at the same time the world has ever seen. In Lara, Sobers and Richards the West Indies have had the three greatest batsman any ground of spectators have ever been lucky enough to witness. Their world-class fast bowlers left others, even Thompson and Lillie, in their wake.

We could go on but you get the picture. So what’s given us the hump?

We can’t help but notice how incredibly white these two squads were. Just an observation but a striking one.

All White
By way of comparison here is the England Football Team.

not so white footbal

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