Dorset CC To Tighten Up On Advertising Boards Around Dorchester

About time too! They are being cited as a problem for pedestrians trying to use the pavement but they are a bigger danger than that.

Too many of them are positioned so that car drivers cannot get a clear view when emerging from a junction. Two stick-out in particular.

There is a mini supermarket up by the Hospital which has a hazardous T-junction. Trying to pull-out and looking up the road towards Poundbury could be made a lot easier. There is also a garage which has signs that if you are turning left to head for the Top-of-Town means you can be risking life and limb. D.C.C need to look at these hazards as well.

While we are at it – why is parking allowed, right on a set of traffic lights, with double yellow lines next to a Take-Away night after night? As the traffic turns left to head up the main road they find a car at the traffic lights in the middle of the road!

Now that needs tightening up!


Street Clutter

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