Two Tories Who ‘Missed’ The Syria Vote

Justine Greening (44) and Mark Simmonds (49) both missed the crucial Syria 2nd vote.

Seems the two of them couldn’t hear bells going off in the Commons or feel the floor move as over 500 MPs made their way along the corridors to vote.

While the most important vote of the last 3 years was taking place the National media reports suggest that Mark Simmonds (49) and Justine Greening (44) were in a room near the Commons chamber discussing a different foreign policy matter.

We feel sure that they were. At least Greening saved us money this time. LINK LINK2

missed vote

{1}“Is That The Bell?”—-“You Could Call It That!”

{2}“Can I Hear Bells?”—-“Thank You Darling!” LINK

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