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Littlewood & Wallace: How On Earth Do They Get Away With It?

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UK Patients Ripped Off By Private Health Hospitals

The Competition Commission has this morning produced what will be seen as a damning indictment of the purely private part of Britain’s healthcare provision. LINK The watchdog says there is inadequate competition inside the private health market and that private health … Continue reading

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Does Cameron Imagine He’s Rambo? The Man’s Delusional!

Why does everything ‘Rambo’ Cameron say sound like a debate and a vote are a foregone conclusion? Has he been reading ‘Politics’ by Robert Mugabe? Can’t imagine too many MPs will be bothered though. They have probably already put a … Continue reading

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Cameron Shows His Tango-Man Face But Where Is Hammond???

The thought of these two half-wits leading us into any sort of new military conflict! Heaven help us. If it does happen, and let’s be honest we are being primed for just that, then remember these two ‘Weekend Generals’ will be sitting on … Continue reading

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The Ashes: Is This Evidence Of A Piddle In The Middle?

Seems it was too far to wander back to the pavilion after a few beers at The Oval so some of the England team may have had a piddle in the middle on a good length. Seems it really was a sticky … Continue reading

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Now ‘The Ashes’ Is Over We Have An Observation To Present

Now it could be about DRS and Hawkeye. It could be about Snicko and the debate about to ‘walk or not to walk’. It could even be about the absurd Laws relating to Bad Light when the ground is illuminated by … Continue reading

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Ashes Fiasco As Aussies Run For The Hills

Seems very odd that cricketers can wear sunglasses all day but if it gets close to dusk then suddenly they can’t see anything. As for the current Laws concerning bad light then we just have to ask how can it … Continue reading

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