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Gideon Osborne Confirms What We Already Knew –

He really is a nauseating, smug, conceited, little shit. 

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A Speech The BBC Didn’t Want To Show – “Save The NHS”

Owen Jones in Manchester on Sunday but not covered by the BBC

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Lynton Crosby Is Confident He Has The BBC News Under Control

“OK Dave, they are ‘on message’ now and we will keep the TV Tax for them” “If we say there ISN’T a protest march then there ISN’T a protest march” This is BEFORE they try and bring in The Gagging Law: This … Continue reading

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The Tory Controlled BBC Web Page Tonight- NO NHS March

The discredited BBC has shown today, beyond all possible doubt,  just how controlled they are by the Tory Nasty Party. Not a word beyond nodding about the NHS March.

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Save The NHS March In Manchester Today – Ignored By The BBC

There was a march in Manchester today, on the eve of the Nasty Party Conference, to Save the NHS from further privatisation. WE NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS BECAUSE THE BBC ARE TRYING TO IGNORE IT. Just the same … Continue reading

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Cameron Brings Forward His “Help To Buy To Let” Scheme

Off-Shore Cameron can see his dream for the country coming ever closer. He has brought forward his ‘Help To Buy To Let’ scheme in the hope that we will soon be – A Nation Of Private Landlords Having sold everything … Continue reading

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We Catch Cameron Rehearsing His Conference Speech

Our undercover reporter managed to snap the Tory git as he was rehearsing for his speech to the Nasty Party faithful – who would vote for a two-headed gargoyle if it wore a blue rosette.

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Tesco Seem To Think This Is 1960

They advertised a blow-up doll in a pink shirt and imagined that it made it g*y. Why they thought it was g*y is anybody’s guess. Why they thought they had to print the word g*y is also quite staggering. The quality … Continue reading

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Cameron Confirms: Plebs Are Only Worth £200

What fun it will be to see all the Plebs falling over themselves to get married in order to claim their £200 Tax prize! Off-Shore Cameron reckons the Plebs votes can be easily bought for a mere 200 quid! However, … Continue reading

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Tory Conference Suffers Some Local Difficulties

David Cameron’s close ally, Alan Lewis, has been arrested over a teenage student rape claim going back to the 60’s. – LINK Police officers held the 75-year-old party vice chairman for business – one of David  Cameron’s closest allies – hours before … Continue reading

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