Bak Two Skool – Woo Sez TeVe Iz Runing Owt Ov Eyedears?

Now we are not suggesting that they only have one idea in their heads but here’s the line-up for this exciting week:

back to school

Yes, you have seen that right. The BBC has THREE schools programmes going out for adults. Such imaginative scheduling.

Could be interesting to see the juxtaposition of ‘Harrow’ and ‘Educating Yorkshire’ although we reckon we might just have an idea as to how that will turn out.

Hard to believe but the biggest load of cak on the TV, ‘Waterloo Rubbish’, is back for another series of pure fantasy. How on earth do they get away with it? Easy! There is nobody to tell them to stop so they just ‘Carry On Paying Themselves’ with Tax Payers money. Why should they care???

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