Remember Geoff Hoon? “We Will Find Weapons Of Mass Destruction.”

The defence secretary in April 2003 was Geoff Hoon MP and he spoke with total conviction. He insisted to the whole nation: “As I’ve made clear, we will find weapons of mass destruction.”

"What was that about WMD?"

“What was that about WMD?”

Answering questions from MPs on day 19 of the conflict with Iraq he added: “We continue to search those areas already secured.”

Interesting to note the other nations they were looking at in 2003. Making an assessment of the war so far, Mr Hoon appeared to step back slightly from earlier guarantees by the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, that the UK would not contemplate attacks on Syria or Iran.

The previous week Jack Straw said had said it was “not true” that either country was “next in line” after Iraq.

At the time Hoon added: “I have made it clear that action against Iraq was unique.”

Here’s a twist as Tony Blair assured Syria at the time that he opposed “targeting” the Arab state.

This is John McCain saying the same thing at the time:

The Guardian:Monday 7 April 2003

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