Letwin Remembers He Is The MP For Dorchester, Dorset

Oliver Letwin (Eton and Cambridge) manages to stir himself to comment on the closure of Dorchester Prison:

West Dorset MP and Minister for Government Policy, Oliver Letwin admitted it was a “worrying” time for the 157 staff at Dorchester Prison.

“However, I have talked to the Justice Secretary about this, and I am glad that he expects to be able to find jobs elsewhere in the prison service for all of the staff involved.”

On The Right - Letwin Enjoying Himself

On The Right – Letwin Enjoying Himself

That’s it! “Worrying”. The best he can do. The bloke who ‘Bigs Himself Up’ whenever he gets close to Cameron shows clearly he has NO influence on decisions made about the County Town. About as much use as a fart in a spacesuit.

Before the Gagging Law is brought in, just remember what little he did for the town the next time there is a general election. He is supposed to be the Minister for Government Policy, well if this isn’t Government Policy what the hell is? Yet he still craps on his own doorstep.

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