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Nick Clegg Shows What He Thinks About It All

“She’d Have Never Got Re-Elected Anyway!” (says the Pot)

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Politicians – This Will Shake Them Up!

Think about all the sporting competitions that go on around the world. Which can you name where those who come second pick-up the same prize money as the winners? That’s right – Bugger All! That’s the point of winning! So … Continue reading

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Prince Andrew Held At Gun-Point In Palace Grounds

“I’m Prince Andrew, Don’t You Know!?” “Just Put Your Hands-Up And Cut The Comedy Routine“ And Later…… “Just Keep Your Hands Where We Can See Them!”

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On The Eve Of The TUC Conference: What’s Wrong With Our Politicians

Could This Be Why Our Politicians Are So Unbelievably Shite? Our current crop of politicians is unbelievably shite for some very good and very understandable reasons. They all full of themselves regardless of the overwhelming evidence in front of them … Continue reading

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