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Tesco Telling Porkies Yet Again: Chops Were NOT As Labelled

So the pork chops labelled as British probably came from Holland. This was despite the fact that the pork chops were in a pack that bore the Red Tractor logo which is a logo that is designed to tell you that a product can be traced back to a … Continue reading

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Panorama: As IF Turkeys Will Ever Vote For Christmas

So all the claptrap from Offshore Cameron and Gideon Osborne concerning ‘clamping down’ on Tax Avoidance/Evasion comes to what we all expect from the Tory Tossers: cobblers. When Panorama came knocking at the door all the shifty pair could do … Continue reading

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Benefit Cheats To Be Flogged In Public As Bankers Are All Given A Bonus

LINK We just can’t make-up crap like this: The Nasty Party – “persecute the poor, it’s their own fault after all”

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The Scammers Are Out In Force In Glasgow

Our under-cover reporter has made an amazing discovery. Working in the seedy side of politics has meant that she been able to let us in on a secret that the FibDems wanted held back. She told us, “Through my investigation … Continue reading

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