Panorama: As IF Turkeys Will Ever Vote For Christmas

So all the claptrap from Offshore Cameron and Gideon Osborne concerning ‘clamping down’ on Tax Avoidance/Evasion comes to what we all expect from the Tory Tossers: cobblers.

When Panorama came knocking at the door all the shifty pair could do was to send out David Dork. Just ask yourselves? David bloody Dork! Was ever a man more appropriately named? Couldn’t answer any question asked and showed us he was lying with that spit-bubble stuck to his lower lip.

IF you knew someone who was into Conspiracy Theories you’d start to think the Tax Laws were created with loopholes deliberately in them! That would just be ridiculous but it does seem odd that once they are pointed out very little is done to close the loopholes. How odd.

Give a shit

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