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Drunk Tanks – What The Hell? Put Them In The Stocks!

Is this really the best solution to our drink problem that the wonderful Association of Chief Police Officers can come up with? Bet our Oxbridge politicians can’t wait to run with the idea: bound to be a Daily Mail vote winner. Heaven help us! … Continue reading

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Free School Meals: FINALLY They Have A Good Idea

Anyone who has been involved with children in a professional way knows how important this decision is and we would endorse it wholeheartedly. We just find it very sad that when politicians finally come up with a great idea they can’t … Continue reading

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Aussie PM Picks A Cabinet For A Forward Thinking Nation

Tony Abbott has been sworn in as Australia’s new prime minister along with his new cabinet. His 19-member cabinet line-up has caused debate because it contains one woman, new Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Asked about the gender balance of his cabinet … Continue reading

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