Labour Party Figure Says Earning £60k Doesn’t Make You ‘Rich’

Rachel Reeves is deputy to shadow chancellor Ed Balls and she told The Telegraph, “I think the focus should be on those privileged few right at the top, and that’s not people earning £50,000 or £60,000 a year.”

Now we would like to focus on those people whose Basic Salary is £66,396 – people like Rachel Reeves. Could it be that her comments were motivated by trying to make out that MPs don’t earn far too much for what they actually do, especially those in opposition, and she was attempting to be ‘one of the people’? If she was then she failed over here.

Interesting to note the current UK National Average Salary which is standing at £23,450. When this gets really interesting is when you compare that with the expenses that Rachel Reeves claimed which came in at a cool £44,160.61! Not too far short of double the Average Salary! That’s a grand total of £110,556.61 – wonder if that makes you rich?

Worth remembering that her boss, Ed Balls, claimed £38,205.44 in expenses while his wife, Cooper, claimed £35,115.01 giving them an expenses claim of £73,320.45 in total.

Isn’t it nice to think we are all in the same boat?

reeves and balls expenses

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