Those MP’s Expenses – They Make For Some Interesting Reading

We decided to take another look at those expenses that got published the other day and then got ignored by the Tory Press. We thought we’d look in a little more detail this time around.

We chose at random to look at some of the claims of Matthew HanDcock, West Suffolk, for no particular reason (other than he’s a right little shit.)

The basic figure for his expenses comes in at £45,693.39 and it is VERY important to claim that 39p. So we thought we’d see how that was made up. You are right, it’s pretty boring stuff, but if you are into numbers it’s fascinating. LINK

So much ink for a printer! At £86.77 for one colour of a set of four that soon runs the bill up. Laminating posters seems a good one as well. We could make a list here but thought it would be easier to ‘cherry-pick’ an item that summed up our feelings towards ALL politicians.

Seems HanDcock needed a fountain pen, although with all the ink for printing you have to wonder why, but fair enough. Now as a good public servant and thinking about this ‘time of austerity’ then he would obviously buy a Value-for-the-Tax-Payer fountain pen. Well he didn’t do that because he bought one that cost £29.03 of honest Tax Payers money.

That’s not the killer. What he bought was a Pilot V4 Fountain Pen which, at £29.03, is described as DISPOSABLE. You couldn’t make it up!

Matt Hancock pen

You might also spot a subscription for PRU at £3,960! We pay his subscription, as well as other Tory MPs, to belong to The Parliamentary Resources Unit which is what most of the general public would call an utter Scam.

Other people have done a lot of good work on this alleged Scam and I would urge you to read: Bloggerheads by Tim Ireland.

You might want to check that £600 annual fee to CMITS. They deliver specialist services to Members of Parliament to assist them in their day to day management of key data and they expect us to pay for it for them! Take the piss or what??

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