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Conference ‘Goer’ Tells Us, “I Want To Be Sure Of A Seat”

They have started to put their ‘towels on the sunbeds’ already as they prepare themselves for the Miliband Conference Speech.

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Labour Party Hope The ‘Two-Eded’ Monster Doesn’t Put Voters Off

The two of these really are carrying a lot of baggage between them – we are not too sure the ‘generic voter’ will forget all that.

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Tesco Entering 7″ Tablet Market With The £119 Hudl

There may be a small problem with the name though. Someone else is ‘Hudl’. Ooopps!

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Just How Dumb Do You Have To Be To Own An iPhone?

As you know, if you are a regular reader, we have no time for Apple who are just a bunch of rip-off artists as far as we are concerned . You will also know that we consider the half-wits who sit … Continue reading

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Exclusive: We Catch Ed Miliband Speaking At A Fringe Meeting

“Well there are certainly more supporters here than I had expected……”

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Ed To Explain The ‘Balls Economy’ At Conference Today In Brighton

Here He Goes Again! Look Out!

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