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These Automated Help Websites Need A Lot Of Help

Here’s some madness. One of our reporters paid off her credit card. Didn’t use it and held on to ‘just in case’. We can’t blame her as a credit of nearly £12K in an emergency is not to be sniffed at. … Continue reading

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Tory MPs 55 And Over Take On The ‘Great Ladder Challenge’

Conservative members of parliament who are 55 or older have all agreed to take on the ‘Great Ladder Challenge’. All they are required to do is to climb to a third-storey window and then pull out a kit bag weighing 40kg. … Continue reading

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Angela Knight* Passes On Some Energy Saving Tips

“I find the easiest way is to simply not put any of the lights on.”   *Any similarity to a drag-act that used to do the northern working men’s clubs around Warrington in the 90’s is purely coincidental. He She is, … Continue reading

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