Dorset Are The Next To See Privatised Policing

Yes dear readers, Dorset Police are beginning a four-month trial starting today to outsource the guarding of major crime scenes to private security firm Securitas Ltd.

Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Cooper, Head of Dorset Police Criminal Justice Department, said, “Protecting the scene is an integral part of an investigation ensuring that evidence is not disrupted, destroyed or contaminated.

“Specially trained scene officers will be able to perform this task to a high standard and release police officers back to the front line to perform other essential tasks.

“The outsourcing of scene guarding to Securitas Ltd has the potential to impact positively upon the service we can provide to the communities of Dorset.”

Sounds to us we simply don’t have enough police officers in the county but you can be sure Oliver ‘toss-it-in-the-park-bin’ Letwin will tell everyone it’s wonderful.

dorset police

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