Hard To Believe What Our Penny Pinching MPs Will Claim Expenses For

Who in their right mind would go to the trouble of filling out an expenses claim form for 3p? Yes, that is not a typo – a claim for travelling expenses of THREE PENCE?

Liam ‘He’s Just A Good Friend Of Mine’ Fox!

He claimed it to travel roughly 100 metres which is obviously much too far to walk.

The tight git made another 15 claims for sums of less than £1. Just imagine what those 16 claims cost the Taxpayer in administration for less than £16 worth of claims. The bloke can’t have enough to do each day if he finds this worthwhile.



Now remember that Fox, the Conservative MP, had to repay £3,000 of expenses after it was revealed he had allowed his friend Adam Werritty to live at his taxpayer-funded second home for a year rent-free.

Last year he claimed a total of £47,968.51 on top of his salary of £65,738. That really is a total of £113,706.51 and he feels the need to claim 3p. Just to really rub it in this is not his only source of income.

Now get these two facts: Under the current system, MPs can claim 45p per mile and they claimed a total of £23m in personal expenses in the year to April. That’s OUR money they have claimed on top of their salary.

We are all most definitely NOT in this together.

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