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Privatisation Of Dorset Police Moves On Even Further

Having privatised the scene of crime officers by outsourcing them to Securitas we now find they’ve taken to closing the station! LINK The Police Station was closed today and there are plans to see how the trial period works to see if … Continue reading

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Seems VIZ Is Read At All Cabinet Meetings Held In Downing Street

Looking to celebrate her first night in her new ‘job’….. Yes, we’ll all burn in hell, again, along with all the usual things, blah, blah, blah….but come on! Esther McVIZ? It’s comedy gold!

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Esther McVey Gives Us Her First Interview Following Her ‘Promotion’

“I’d just like to tell all of your readers that I am not an arse licking slapper!” So there you have it straight from the horse’s arse mouth.

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Have The Govt. Given Yet Another £1bn To It’s Millionaire Friends?

Well it sure as hell looks that way! The Great Royal Mail Give Away! Big City experts reckon that the Government’s valuation of the business is £1 billion too low. One firm of Stockbrokers, Panmure Gordon, said the Royal Mail could be … Continue reading

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“And Then There Were Three” Leaving The Ship

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