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Prince Charles Urges………………… Oh Who Cares You Parasite

Chaz Windsor gives advice on pensions. Never done a day’s work in his life, had his arse wiped for him, sponged off the state the whole of his life and he is passing on financial advice? Here’s some advice………….. Get … Continue reading

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Vince Cable Explains The Royal Mail Give Away #3

Now the share price seems to be settling down (+45%)

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This Is How Cameron Sees Our Schools – Amazing Insight To His Thinking

Off-Shore Cameron told BBC Radio Derby that he believes there are checks in place when it comes to the setting up of Free Schools. He was very kind to list the reasons why they might be turned down: They don’t have a … Continue reading

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Angela Knight Passes On Her Energy Saving Tip Two

“Try turning even more lights off” LINK

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British Gas Prices Sky Rocket – Both Electric And Gas Soar In Price

British Gas prices have just gone through the roof: Electricity Price Rise – 10.4% Gas Price Rise – 8.4% Remember that SSE put their prices up by 8.2% Remember: The Fuel Companies Do NOT Run A Cartel.

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Teachers’ Strike: Gove Condemns Industrial Action

When Gollum Gove starts bleating on today remind him of this: – Many thanks to Andy Jolley for putting us on to this.

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