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Vince Cable Explains The Royal Mail Give Away #4

“I Knew I Could Get Them Above £5 Within A Week”

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“And You Can Get Those Bloody Outside Shoes Off My Gym Floor!!”

Can’t she afford the correct footwear? Expects us to provide them for her? Probably can’t find any kit expensive enough for her to be seen in. Loathsome. There will be PE teachers all around the country who struggle to get their students … Continue reading

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British Gas Unvail Their New Advertising Strategy

Following the outstanding success of #askbg on Thursday British Gas have decided on a new approach:

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GM Golden Rice Opponents “Wicked” Says Paterson

Owen Paterson MP told us: “It’s just disgusting that little children are allowed to go blind and die because of a hang-up by a small number of people about this technology. “I feel really strongly about it. I think what … Continue reading

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Look Out Miliband, Hunt Wants Your Job

Ed Milibland may have made a stupid move by promoting Hunt to Education or maybe he is being very Machiavellian.

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Private Rents Hit Record High Of £757 A Month – Cameron Delighted

The BBC and their Tory promotion “Homes Under The Hammer” are over the moon with this news as they have been pushing hard for increases for years now. LINK We managed to catch a word with Off-Shore Cameron just before he jetted off … Continue reading

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Edward Davey MP Has Some Tips On Cutting Energy Bills

Lib Dem MP Edward Davey offered some stunning advice on Newsnight on how to save money on our energy bills. We need people like this in government to explain the things that are just too difficult for us mere plebs to comprehend.

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