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Cable Struggles To Justify The Give Away Of Royal Mail Shares

Trade Price – LINK

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Help Please – Who Sent Us This And What Does It Mean?

We were sent this through the comments option but it had been anonymised. We are not sure what to make of it so we are asking for help. Over to you.

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Kingsize Fraud At Kings Science Academy Free School

Kings Science Academy was one of Gollum Gove’s first free schools. It has just been accused of serious financial mismanagement. The school has been praised by both Prime Minister Off-Shore Cameron and Education Secretary Gollum Gove, both of whom have visited it. Alan Lewis, who … Continue reading

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HIGNFY Tonight: Seems The BBC No Longer Employ An Editor

Well that was a pain in the arse from start to finish. If you want to do another show then rename it and we’ll all know what is going on. It’s called Have I Got News For You and it … Continue reading

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Cameron Joins In The “Shoot The Messenger” Routine

We’ve written about this lower down and now Cameron has jumped onto yet another cheap passing bandwagon. He was also very careful not to condemn the spying by America while continuing the rhetoric about who we should ‘blame’. You’d think it was … Continue reading

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“Only Heat One Room” Is The Best They Can Come Up With

According to Public Health England the best thing to do is to turn all the heat off apart from the room you spend most of your time in. One of the richest nations has its citizens living life as if in … Continue reading

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