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It Is Possible We Have Got It Wrong About The New Prince

But then again, maybe we didn’t –

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We Really Hope Nobody Uses IDS As A Guy Come Bonfire Night

Iain and Duncan Smith are such a nice men it would be a shame to see them going up in flames.

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Remember – Put Your Clocks Forward 1 Hour Tonight

“No it’s not you dimwit, it’s backwards.” “No, it goes forward in October.” “Bollox! Spring – Forward. Fall – Backwards.” ” Fall? WTF is Fall when it’s at home? “Fall is Autumn, do you know nothing?” “Autumn is Autumn. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Enough Readers – We WILL Reprint The Photo Of Gove MP Picketing

Thank you for all your comments dear readers and we have reprinted the photo you demanded. Yes, this is the one of Michael Gollum Gove on the picket line for the NUJ. Feel free to pass it on and remember … Continue reading

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Claim That Gove Tried To Cover-Up Accusations Of Fraud

This is the kingsize accusation of fraud at the Kings Science Academy Free School. LINK Gollum Gove is accused of a cover-up because he ‘sat for months’ on a report alleging financial irregularities worth more than £80,000 at Kings Science his flagship Free School. … Continue reading

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