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The Three Energy Stooges – What Did We Learn Today?

Well we wouldn’t buy a second-hand car from the Three Stooges that’s for sure. The trouble is we are forced to buy energy from someone. What was even more worrying was how impotent the MPs on the committee were. It all seemed … Continue reading

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Beyond The Limits Of Hypocrisy From The US

Having been more than happy to hack every European leader they have ever heard of, along with the possibility that Cameron helped them out, the National Security Agency has now staggered the world. On the day after it was revealed that the NSA … Continue reading

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Cameron Hoping To Get The Train Set He Has Always Wished For

Denied as a small boy, Off-Shore Cameron sees this as his big chance to finally get his heart’s desire. Just remember: “Cost Benefit Ratio”

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So Who Said This Back In 2009?

“Today in Britain – not in some foreign dictatorship, not in a bygone age, you can wake up in the morning, in your own bed, in your own home to hear a knock on the door from an official with … Continue reading

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