So Who Said This Back In 2009?

Today in Britain – not in some foreign dictatorship, not in a bygone age, you can wake up in the morning, in your own bed, in your own home to hear a knock on the door from an official with one of over a thousand powers that now allow the state to enter your home.

You don’t have to be a terrorist or a criminal fugitive. The authorities have the right to come into your home to inspect potted plants for pests or to check the regulation of hedgerows.

More than half of these new powers have been introduced in the past twelve years. But Labour’s control state can not only enter your home. They can snoop on you as you walk down the street.”

Obviously it was Off-Shore Cameron – who, other than Turn-Around Clegg, could it have been? Today he seems rather keen on the ideas here and is very upset if someone like Edward Snowden or The Guardian points out what is going on.

The Full load of cobblers he said back then is here.

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