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Vince Cable Delighted As Royal Mail Shares Plummet…..7p

What was that about ‘froth’ and ‘spivs’?

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India Launch Rocket Folly To Mars Costing Over £60M

This is the same India where poverty can be seen at a heartbreaking level on the streets and who we give £200M worth of Overseas Aid to. It’s hard to imagine that politicians could be so keen to posture on the … Continue reading

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Owen Paterson Looking A Lot Like A Right King Canute

Paterson has really read the riot act to all the Water Companies this week. He has stamped his foot down very, very hard and has written to them asking them nicely if they could possibly, without putting themselves out in any way, keep … Continue reading

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Tesco To Use Face-Scanning Tech To Target Ads To Those Queueing

Tesco is installing face-scanning technology at its petrol stations to target advertisements to individual customers as they stand queueing at the till. Well somebody gave us an idea today – so up yours Tesco!

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