Is There Anyone Left Who Trusts The BBC NEWS?

We all know it’s been going for years but it seems to be coming to a head. The major Trust Signpost was their refusal to report on the NHS march. To make that worse the reporter who was there came out with some cock and bull story about how he couldn’t see anything. We are guessing that sitting in the bar with his Tory minder eased the pain.

Then we had the Grant Shapps and his two shadows telling the BBC that he controlled them and if they didn’t do as they were told he’d cancel the TV-Tax.

Last night we had the second Trust Signpost with their refusal to report the march in the centre of London until most people had gone to bed at 12:15 am.

All this time the BBC pumps out ‘How To Be A Private Landlord’ for two hours a day starting on BBC2 and then switching to BBC1. All part of the Osborne “Help To Buy To Let” scheme. It then goes for a further 45 min where it picks out ‘Scroungers’ and berates them with the occasional ‘Good Samaritan’ thrown in to try and give it some credibility.



Now the BBC/Tory Channel is really kicking into gear with 3 HOURS of “Britain on the Fiddle”. Three hours working it into benefit cheats without a word about millionaires working the Tax system and claims forms for every penny they can screw out of it. Then on Saturday we have the BBC licking the arse of ‘Boris the Clown’ in a repeat of an hour long kiss-arse appreciation.

Shapps doesn’t have the brains to think any of this through so Crosby & Textor must be organising this.


In the past we have been emailed and asked, “why do you seem to have it in for the BBC?” That’s simple, if you don’t pay your TV Tax and watch any telly you can be sent to gaol. That’s not the case for any other channel.

So carry on watching BBC NEWS if you want but we would ask that you remember that you are NOT being told the whole storydid you see the London march on BBC before 12 o’clock last night? Listen out when they point to other countries and refer to “State Run TV Station”.

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