Iain And Duncan Smith: The Most Wasteful Waste Of Space In The Cabinet?

  • Benefits reform has wasted at least £140 million
  • IT development has written off £425 million
  • Purchase orders approved to the value of £8.7 million
  • Two purchase orders of £22.6 m and £1.1 m when the budget was £10 million

So why hasn’t Off-Shore Cameron sacked them? Your guess is as good as ours but maybe some digital images lie at the heart of it all?

Iain and Duncan Smith can stay on though as long as they stitch up that dreadful Esther McViz.

Iain "Is That You?" Duncan "No! It's HER! Phew, pickled eggs!"

Iain “Is That You?” Duncan “No! It’s HER!” Both “Phew, Pickled Eggs and Brown Ale!”

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