Jeremy Isa Hunt Avoids £100K Tax Bill: Insider Dealing???

Jeremy Isa Hunt managed to legally reduce his potential  tax bill by more than £100K because it was completed just days before it was announced there was to be a 10% rise in the tax on dividends in April 2010. What a lucky guess!

Big Hunt bought and sold and rented and rented back his company’s office building in Hammersmith along with his ‘partner’ Mike Elms. They did all this back in April 2010, just before the tax rate for the transaction rose to 42.5%. The ‘dodgy’ pair then leased the property back to their  jointly owned education company for 10 years.

Big Hunt and Elms saved themselves an income tax bill of £202,000 on the £1.8 million deal, by paying tax on it at the lower rate of just 32.5%. The company now pays them £60,750 a year in rent.

Jeremy Isa Hunt owns 48.6 % of the education company. In the previous financial year, it paid £2 million in dividends, meaning Big Hunt would have received £972,000.

His pitiful, spineless boss, Off-Shore Cameron, has stated that he would not associate himself with any lowlife scumbag who carried out “aggressive tax avoidance”, while Gideon Osborne, the so called Chancellor, previously said he was “shocked” by the scale of tax avoidance by some of Britain’s richest people but was willing to learn any tricks they could teach him.

Just remember“We Are All In This Together – Our Big Fat Arse We Are!!!”

Put Your Hands Up You Hunt!

Put Your Hands Up You Hunt!

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