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MPs Fight To Keep £15-A-Head Dinner Expense Payments

Did you know that MPs can claim £15 for a meal in one of Parliament’s restaurants, which are already subsidised in the centre of London, if the Commons sits beyond 7.30pm? Is it any wonder the scum bags talk bolloxs all day? The … Continue reading

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Jeremy Isa Hunt Finds Time To Make Millions!

Here is what we told you yesterday: Well here’s a turn-up for the book. Seems Jeremy Isa Hunt is now going to sell the company he owns with his ‘partner’ Mike Elms. Hunt is looking to cash in to the tune of: … Continue reading

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Vince Cable And His Royal Mail Share Price Update

Slowly creeping down to our prediction of £5.35 and each day makes Vince Cable-Knit feel that little bit better.

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MPs Use Their Time In The Commons To Solve The Big Problems

Comforting to see that our hardworking members of parliament have sorted out the problems of the 99% and were able to find time to talk about the World Cup in June 2014. Having noticed that there is a time difference … Continue reading

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