Frack Off Fallon

Fallon already knows that in the next few weeks a study by the water industry will conclude that Fracking will not contaminate the water supply. Quite how he manages to have such advance warning of its findings is for you to decide but it sounds a lot like he was involved in the writing. Might also explain why Owen ‘Badger Butcher’ Paterson was so spineless over the rises due in our Water Bills.

Next year, the British Geological Survey will publish a map of the “southern basin” of England, identifying sites most likely to be rich in shale gas and ‘perfect’ for Fracking.

“It’s right across the South we’re talking about: Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, into Kent,” said Fallon, the MP for Sevenoaks. We’d love to know what his West Kent constituents think about that.

The New Sevenoaks Skyline

The New Sevenoaks Skyline

Ministers have managed to reduce the regulatory barriers to Fracking, clearing the way for their rich friends in the industry to spread across the country. To wipe the smile off of the faces of those areas he hadn’t already mentioned he added: “There is shale in the Midlands too.”

One of the carrots that Fallon is still hanging on to is that Frackingcould’ bring down energy bills. That will happen here when you next see a drove of pigs flying overhead. We wonder who it is who is pulling Fallon’s strings?

gang of 3 c

There is nothing dodgy about these three dodgy gits

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