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The Official Vince Cable Royal Mail Share Price Update

Getting closer to our prediction of £5.35 and Vince is feeling better.

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So Today It’s Yet Another Tory Who Didn’t Understand The Rules

Tory MP Nadine Dorries has apologised to MPs for not registering income she made from her appearance on I’m A Z-List Celebrity in 2012. Dorries said the breach of the rules had been “inadvertent” (crap) but she owed MPs a “full and unreserved … Continue reading

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Cameron By Those Unlucky Enough To Meet & Work With Him

These are quotes from this article – LINK. You really need to read the whole thing but these are worth highlighting: (Yes, he really IS a bit of a shit) “I wouldn’t trust him with my daughter’s pocket money. In my … Continue reading

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Russian Artist Nails His Ball-Bag To The Cobble Stones

Hard to believe but Poytr Pavensky has driven what looks like a 10 inch nail through his Ball-Bag and into a Crack between the Cobble Stones. This is fuzzy picture version of his latest work – oh yes – he is naked. If … Continue reading

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The 11th Of The 11th Of The 11th 2013


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