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Princess Anne Exclusive! – “Preparing The Sunday Roast”

“Eeeek! It is vital to always choose the correct cut of meat. I keep this chart in one of my servants for handy reference at our local Aldi” “Eeeek! I advise avoiding No. 8, the inner shank, for obvious reasons. Unless, … Continue reading

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Cameron Rejects Criticism Of His ‘Jolly’ To Sri Lanka

Cameron proves once again he will do anything to avoid facing the British public to explain himself. As far as he is concerned there is nobody who is out of bounds. LINK

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‘Children In Need’ – Here’s The Deal

We will carry on doing our fund raising. We’ll collect the money that is donated and we’ll pass it on to the bank holding the ‘Children In Need’ account. That seems fair. All we ask of the BBC is that they save … Continue reading

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