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Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa Has Reacted Defiantly To Cameron

Cameron demanding for an inquiry into alleged human rights abuses has provoked Rajapaksa into saying “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. The Sri Lankan leader added, “Cameron would do well to look at the disgraceful Bedroom Tax he is bringing in over … Continue reading

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So Cameron, Looks Like They Don’t Teach Cricket At Eton?

Off-Shore Cameron pretends to be sporty – how contrived is that!? Who can forget his pathetic display of badminton with Seb ‘I made an Olympic fortune’ Coe in the garden at Downing Street? Pitiful. Now we have him pretending he has a … Continue reading

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Dorchester Prison Closing Next Month

As reported here before the gaol is closing with the loss of 157 jobs. Shows how much influence our Tory MP Ollie Letwin really has with Off-Shore Cameron: bugger all. LINK Now to really rub salt into the wound we … Continue reading

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Wilful Neglect Of Patients Will Result In 5 Years In Gaol

The wilful neglect of patients will be made a criminal offence under new NHS reforms being introduced in the wake of the Mid Staffs episode. Prime Minister Off-Shore Cameron said that those who mistreated and abused patients would face “the full force of the law” in … Continue reading

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