Dorchester Prison Closing Next Month

As reported here before the gaol is closing with the loss of 157 jobs. Shows how much influence our Tory MP Ollie Letwin really has with Off-Shore Cameron: bugger all. LINK

Now to really rub salt into the wound we learn that thousands of pounds worth of IT equipment has been tossed away. Along with this the furniture has also been destroyed ahead of its closure next month. It seems it is too late to stop this because some items, from laptops in offices to the furniture from cells, have also already been ‘smashed up’.

A prison source close to The Field has slammed authorities for the ‘complete waste of taxpayers’ money’ when some items could have been put to good use.

As usual the old workhorse of “it’s the Data Protection Act” gets trotted out. How the hell does that apply to lockers and office furniture?

The idea of just chucking this stuff away is at odds with the Council policy of issuing all of us with 20 odd Recycling Bins (well 6 to be honest) to sod about sorting our rubbish out! Joined up thinking? Ha!

Not For Long

Not For Long

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