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Greenpeace Arctic 30: Russia Grants Bail To A Further 5

This is progress but there is a very long way to go. This is only bail and in the region of £37,000 each. They are not home yet and they are not free. Captain Peter Wilcox and Britons Alex Harris … Continue reading

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Who Was It Who Said “The BBC Lack Imagination”?

It was us two days ago. LINK Now they really have gone out of their way to regurgitate some old crap. Tonight sees the start of a brand new series over on BBC 3. That’s the one you have to … Continue reading

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Does This Bloke Have A Clue What He Is Doing?

Hammond-Organ knows little about the army. His background is in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, the Professional Politician qualification of PP&E. He is solely an MP-by-Spreadsheet, like so many of the poor quality coalition politicians. He is trying to convince people that 20,000 full-time, fully … Continue reading

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