Energy Companies – Yet Another Way That Take The Mick

If you are old enough then you will be able to remember when the gas and electric meters were in a cupboard or box under the stairs. They were safe there and the Meter-Reader man, they were all men, would knock to come in and read them.

Trouble was there were times when he called but you were not in and that was a pain.

Then new houses started to get built with their meter boxes on an outside wall and accessed by a funny triangular key. This was great because no matter what time Meter-Man called, even Meter-Woman by now, they could always read the meters.

Life was easy for everyone.

Then the Energy Companies decided that their already obscene profits were nothing like enough so they sacked all of the Meter-Readers. They got us to go on-line and read the meters for them.

Now wouldn’t it be a bloody sight easier if they were both in a box under the stairs!!

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