Yeo, Yeo, Yeo – Merry Christmas

The good people of South Suffolk have thought about it and his constituency members have given Tim Yeo the heave-ho after he was accused of breaking lobbying rules. Have that as a little stocking filler!

He thought he was cleared because the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards said everything was fine. Seems South Suffolk might well regard the PCS with the same suspicion that many of us do. Being that it’s a private club, with private members writing their own private rules so as they can do just what they want.

He had been filmed by The Sunday Times admitting that he had told a business associate what to say when giving evidence to a committee chaired by………….Tim Yeo!

It is said that Yeo is “now considering his position and will advise the executive council of his intended course of action”. We can help: “Come 2015 looks like YOU’LL be looking for a job!”

tim yeo yeo santa

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